Security employee of the trading object

Janar, security employee of the trading object, length of employment 6 years
Janar, security employee of the trading object, length of employment 6 years

My story

I first commenced work in Kaubamaja when I saw an announcement in CV Online for security employees to Kadaka Selver. As Kadaka Selver was at the final stage of repairs, the security manager of Kaubamaja Aleksander asked me first to help him at Kaubamaja Osturalli. I commenced work as a security employee, I passed the professional training of security employee after some months and became officially a security employee. During years I have also tried the job of shift manager in Kadaka Selver and Järve Selver.

It is positive that wishes and troubles are always heard out. In case of tiredness and lack of motivation there is always an option for a change – working on other objects as well as outside Tallinn City boundaries. Also very unique and safe team who has been practically unchanged for already 4 years. The men who you can trust and who always protect your back. The employee turnover of Viking Security is low and the motivation system of employees is efficient. The income can be always self-directed as needed.

The content of my work is to protect the property of store and guarantee the security of clients and employees, keeping thereby also one’s health. This is just the versatility and to certain extent adrenalin by this work that keeps me in the job of security employee. You never know what happens tomorrow. You should communicate with different people and, if needed, embody a psychologist. People are different.

I clearly remember the case when an elderly lady approached me with the concern that her glasses were stolen in the store. By examining the video recordings I found how the lady started to read an article near a shelf and put her glasses on another shelf for the time being. After a while a woman was passing the shelf, took the glasses and put these into her bag. I managed to identify the woman and find her contacts. We agreed that she brings the glasses back to the information desk of the store on the next day. Then I called to the lady having lost her glasses that her glasses are at the information desk. The lady could not thank me enough and promised to come and get them next morning. When going to work next day a big box of chocolates and chocolate were waiting for me. It is so good to do good :)