Viking Security provides high quality security service meeting the client’s needs for the industrial, logistic and transport companies. Our clients are many big industrial companies such as Liviko, Balbiino and Selveri Köök. We always find the best solution for the client by focusing on your wishes and needs. The main tasks in the given sector are:

  • To monitor the object and the surrounding from the windows of the exit of the object with the help of the video equipment.
  • To stop the violations on the object and, if needed, involve the patrol squad of the partner company of Viking Security AS through panic button.
  • To perform guard tours on the territory and fix observations in the logbook of the object.
  • To respond to the alarms coming from the security system and operate according to the procedure of alarm of security system.
  • To respond to the alarms coming from ATS switchboard and operate according to the procedure of alarm of ATS.
  • To issue keys according to the orders of the responsible person of the object.
  • The control centre of Viking Security AS is at first chance notified of the extraordinary events.

We wish that all our clients feel themselves safely and thereby could focus only on their main activity. Our security employees are understanding and helpful, they can always be addressed to and they are ready to act also in emergency situations.