Inventory of HoReCa sector

The major volumes of loose goods move at the fast pace of entertainment and HoReCa sector. The inventory of the sector gives a good overview of the loss, possible calculation errors and thefts and thereby it materially supports the decisions related to financial and management activities. The current stock-in- trade helps to plan the future purchases, avoid the spoilage of goods, optimize inventories and thereby use the financial means of own company more profitably. Up to now we have experience in the companies belonging to the group of Kaubamaja, but the clear target and aim is to improve professionalism and expand the client base.

The service combined with other technical security solutions offered by Viking Security is an especially useful possibility for the clients who already apply guard and security services provided by Viking Security. Our inventory service gives a certain and high quality result, thus several different troublespots could appear which could be solved by us by using our other services. The problems with deficit or losses of certain goods/products enable to find a solution through surveillance service where we can establish its source of incurrence.