The video where clouds or sun move fast over the sky or the large-scale construction is effectively displayed with the help of the two-minute video clip. Such glamorous film clips are called time-lapse videos and this is a standard service in our list of services. The given service is broadly used by the construction companies, but this can be also used in many other sectors, e.g. in case of big events.

The camera recording with high quality is installed to one certain point by making one shot after a certain interval. The integral video is completed by assembling all shots. The completed video is an ideal possibility to introduce/advertise the activities of one’s company or is just a nice memory of some event or undertaking. At the same time it is possible to transmit the web live-picture also through our streaming server which creates added value to the orderer of construction works or the website of the construction company.

*The video is introducing the service and is not meeting the actual quality.