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Kontaktivorm EN
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ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) department

Ergo Oolup

Head of ARC

Edvard Nikanorov

Development Manager of ARC

Triin Loit

Manager of the Service and Control Centre

Maritana Poola

Account Manager

Viljer Variksaar

Sales Representative

Urmas Jõõts

Sales Representative

Electronic solutions

Andreas Nõu

Sales Manager

Einar Pilvet

Head of Technical Projects

Robert Klein

Business Manager of Projects

Signe Salvet

Service Manager

Manned guarding department

Juhan Aia

Head of Manned Guarding

Aleksandr Kuznetsov

Regional Manager for Northern and Eastern Estonia

Magnus Sibrits

Regional Manager for Southern and Western Estonia

Stocktaking services

Annela Orav

Head of Stocktaking Services

Ragnar Rämson

Project Manager, Northern and Western Estonia

Epp Sepp

Project Manager, Southern and Eastern Estonia

Fire safety services

Jaan Aia

Head of Fire Safety

Tarmo Väli

Fire Safety Specialist

CIT department

Andres Treimann

Head of CIT

Andrei Teivas

Service Manager

Andres Antonov

Chief Operating Officer


Tannar Tiitsar

CEO, Chairman of the Management Board

Mailo Tohv

Human Resources Manager

Aire Metsaluik

Office Manager