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How does Viking Security’s home security solution work?

Viking Security’s home security service consists of the most modern, reliable and technologically advanced security equipment and a professional security service with rapid response patrol units.

Security equipment and alarm system

All security devices in our home security solution are wireless and run on a battery that has a lifespan of up to 6 years. When installing the security system sensors in your home, no wires need to be run. The installation process is quick and easy!

You can get all notifications about the operational state of the sensors, battery charge and alarms through the Hik-Connect app, which is available on iOS and Android. In the central unit of Viking Security’s home security system, data communication is enabled by a SIM card and, if possible, the central unit is also connected to the home network. If the sensors of the home security system detect an intrusion, water leak or fire hazard, the security system sends a notification to your mobile as well as to Viking Security’s service and control centre.

Control centre and patrol unit

Viking Security’s service and control centre will contact you to get a more detailed overview of the threat and the situation.

If the first contact does not answer, the service and control centre will call the next person. If you want the service and control centre to send help or if no contact person can be reached by phone within 3 minutes of the alarm, Viking Security’s patrol unit will go to check your home. If necessary, Viking Security’s patrol unit will also inform the Rescue Board.

Integrated alarm system

The innovative simplicity of Ajax

The central unit of the security system checks the operation of all sensors and alarms in the security system. The central unit and the sensors communicate with each other using a new-generation data communication technology that cannot be interrupted or hacked. If criminals still try to interfere with data communication, an alarm signal will be sent to you via the application and to Viking Security’s service and control centre. The information collected by the security system’s central unit is sent to a cloud server, which in turn communicates with the Ajax app. This allows you to receive notifications from Viking Security’s home security system wherever you are by using a phone or a computer with an internet connection. Arming or disarming the security system can be done using the Ajax app. From the app, you can also see sensor alarms, malfunctions and the battery charge level. Read more about the home security solution here.

How much does Viking Security’s home security solution cost?

You can use the calculator below to calculate the approximate monthly cost of the home security service suitable for your home. If you would like us to send you a quote, please fill in the request form.

Where do you want to install a home security system?

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Viking Security’s home security combined security service including the rental of security system equipment

per month

A one-time connection fee starting from €55 will be added. Price depends on the quantity of devices and the area where the installation is carried out

Your security system package includes the following equipment:

Viking Security’s home security combined security service including the rental of security system equipment

per month

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We provide electronic security services all over Estonia. We primarily offer patrol unit response to alarms in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu. In other areas, this will be agreed separately with the sales representative.

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