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Manned guarding

In the case of the manned guarding service, the task of the security guard on duty is to prevent and, if necessary, deal with emergencies. The guard also has a representative role, assisting visitors and staff. The main contact person for the client is a security officer with extensive experience, who in addition to arranging the security service, also assists the client with other security-related issues.

We offer manned guarding services for

  • Retail, including remote active video surveillance
    Viking Security has long-term experience in ensuring retail security. To reduce product losses, it is possible to have a combined service – a security guard is on site and is remotely supported by a video surveillance centre with cash register surveillance.
  • Industry and logistics
    The role of the security guard is to implement access control and ensure the integrity and safety of the site so that the client’s business process would not be affected by outside factors. The employee of the security company is also helpful in the event of an accident, such as during an evacuation or when first aid is needed.
  • Construction site security
    A building or territory under construction is always vulnerable because physical protection and security systems are missing or not yet fully installed. A security guard helps to prevent violations of the law and, if necessary, the offender is quickly stopped.

Security guard/receptionist

Viking Security's security guard/receptionist has a presentable appearance and is extremely precise in communication. The employee provides expert assistance to both visitors and staff members, acting as the ‘business card’ of the site. The security guard/receptionist also assists the client in solving various operational administrative problems.

Event security

Security services, first aid and water rescue. We will take care of everything related to security at your event. Event planning starts with creating a security plan, which our experts can help with. The event security team is led by an experienced security officer. If necessary, professional traffic controllers, first aid providers and lifeguards are included in the team.

Personal protection

Specially trained security guards delicately ensure the client's safety when accompanying them while remaining as inconspicuous as possible. According to the client's request, they are accompanied on foot or in a vehicle (security driver). Depending on the client's request and the level of threat, it is also possible to provide a security guard armed with a firearm.

Security and safety training

We offer a wide range of security-related training. Some of them have a standard content, meaning that the structure and content is derived from the law. However, many training sessions (exact content and duration) can be designed according to the client's wishes.

Temporary manned guarding

Short-term provision of manned security services at the site. We will take care of everything related to security at your event.

Patrol service

Regular checks by patrol units with vehicles to the site. The check and the situation at the site are recorded in a report.

How can we help?

How much does the security service/manned guarding cost?

The price of the manned security service depends on the characteristics of the site, the tasks assigned to the security guards, the number of security guards at the site and other related costs, and on the duration of the contract.

What training do security guards have?

The basic training of a security guard consists of 16 hours of initial training, at least 50 hours of basic training (vocational training) and an annual 16 hours of professional training. Depending on the role of the security guard, the employer provides additional special training.

What kind of special equipment does the security guard carry?

The security guard’s equipment depends on the client’s request and the threat level of the site. The security guard has the right to use a gas spray (such as a pepper spray) and handcuffs as special equipment. A security guard with the appropriate permit may also carry a firearm, in which case a bulletproof vest is also included as personal protective equipment.

Is it also possible to hire a security guard for short and changing periods?

Yes, we also offer temporary manned guarding. Feel free to contact us and we will find a suitable solution for you.

Is it also possible to hire an armed security guard through you?

Yes, Viking Security also has security guards who are qualified to carry a firearm and have received special training in solving difficult situations.


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Security solutions for retail

Viking Security provides security services to retail clients, which include smaller shops, supermarkets, retail chains, shopping centres as well as to the property owners of these buildings. By combining our expertise with the latest technologies, we offer our clients real-time control over their entire business.

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Security solutions for offices and office buildings

Viking Security offers quality end-to-end solutions for taking care of and managing security on a property – from security systems, their maintenance, monitoring and responding to alarms to fire protection training and inspections. We also offer, for example, parking management, access control, and video surveillance.

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Hotels, spas and accommodation

A great customer service experience always starts with good security. Hotels provide a complete service for their guests. Good service must go hand in hand with thorough security. The safety of guest is an integral part of a hotel's success, as an inadequate security concept can pose a number of risks to guests and damage the reputation of the hotel.

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Industry and logistics

To ensure the security of industrial sites, it is important to develop an integrated and reliable security solution to mitigate security risks, reduce theft and other losses, maximise staff cooperation and maintain profitability.

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From small construction sites to large projects

We offer flexible security solutions for the surveillance of construction sites, which include physical and electronic security services and response to alarms. We also adapt security services to match the changing scene of a construction project. We provide services to sites ranging from small construction sites to large projects.

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AX PRO wireless commercial security system

The solutions we can provide for your company are a combination of technology and human services, both in just the right amount, with simplicity and transparency being the key for you. Our security solutions are flexible and can easily evolve with your business needs – AX PRO integrated high-tech electronic security system.

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Your home is your castle!

Viking Security offers a lot more than just a security service. Our AX PRO home security solution is an integrated system that combines surveillance, video, a smart home solution and a health risk solution for the elderly. Unfortunately, most accidents happen when we are not at home, or in the wee hours of the night. Who is on watch when you are on holiday with your family, celebrating a birthday with friends or taking a hike? Let us watch over your home, be there for you, and all that at a reasonable price!

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