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A great customer service experience always starts with good security. Hotels provide a complete service for their guests. Good service must go hand in hand with thorough security. The safety of guest is an integral part of a hotel’s success, as an inadequate security concept can pose a number of risks to guests and damage the reputation of the hotel.

The security solution includes: control of keys and doors, personnel identification measures, reception security, monitoring of corridors, identification of unauthorised or suspicious persons.

Common risks

  • Parking violations
  • Smoking in the wrong place
  • Fires
  • Intoxicated persons
  • Not paying for services

The security service of hotels differs significantly from the security service of other sites, which is why the client expects potential new service providers to familiarise themselves with all the circumstances related to security in a hotel and take them into account on a daily basis.

  • Hotel services are used by customers for whom quality and reliability are extremely important. These values also apply to the security service provider.
  • The security service provider must have sufficient capability, volume and experience (number of security guards, company history, experience) to provide a high-quality service.
  • The service provider must have the necessary warranty for its acts or omissions (insurance cover).
  • All the services provided must be integrated (including the response capability of patrol units).
  • The need to change the volumes of the security service or the need to replace it may arise unexpectedly, which the service provider must be ready for.
  • The security service must be ‘invisible’, while at the same time providing a sense of security to the hotel’s guests and staff.


Together we will find the best security solution for you.


Risk analysis and information gathering

Information is obtained from a meeting with the client and the call for tenderers document. Initial assessment and offer.


Detailed offer

Specifying the needs in cooperation with the client. Summary of the revised offer and its presentation.



Confirmation of the final security solution. Implementation of the security solution will follow during the transition period.



Making continuous security proposals, security monitoring.

Services we recommend

Manned guarding

The task of the security guard on duty is to prevent and, if necessary, deal with emergencies. The guard also has a representative role, assisting visitors and staff.

The main contact person for the client is a security officer with extensive experience, who in addition to arranging the security service, also assists the client with other security-related issues.

Electronic security with video support

The signals of the security system and the video image of the video surveillance system are connected to the control centre. When an alarm signal is received, the video image transmitted to the control centre is checked and, if necessary, a patrol unit is sent to the site.

The signals from the security system and the video image from the video surveillance system are connected to Viking Security’s service and control centre. When Viking Security’s service and control centre receives an alarm, they immediately check the video image transmitted from the site. If the cause of the alarm cannot be identified from the video or if a suspicious or dangerous situation is detected at the site, the nearest patrol unit will be sent to determine the cause of the alarm and, if necessary, take the object under their own guard. The site’s contact persons and, in case of an emergency, the police and the Rescue Board are informed.

Fire safety service

We offer a range of fire safety services, from which we can help you choose the solution that best suits your needs.

  • Evacuation drills
  • Evacuation plans
  • Fire safety training
  • Fire safety management service
  • Fire safety report

Temporary manned guarding

Short-term provision of manned security services at the site. We will take care of everything related to security at your event.

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