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Stocktaking is not just a tedious obligation arising from the law on accounting entities. If it is done systematically and purposefully, the company can use the collected information to check the correctness of the records kept in the warehouse management or accounting software, as well as make production and business processes more efficient.
To ensure that all units of the company have confidence that the financial statements and the information about assets and inventories in the program is correct, it is extremely important that stocktaking is done with high quality, optimal use of time and in the required period. Viking Security AS started offering a stocktaking service in 2015 and has set itself the goal of ensuring a service that meets these conditions. We want to be a flexible and reliable partner that can save the time and resources of the client’s employees so that they can focus on their main tasks.

Stocktaking consists of:

  • PreparationIdentifying needs and opportunities
  • OrganisationExplaining the characteristics and the requirements of the site to the stocktakers, transport, schedule, etc
  • Stocktaking at the siteFirst the managers arrive, then the stocktakers in one or more shifts
  • ResultsRecording and transfer, follow-up and feedback

Stocktaking for warehouses

Warehouses and logistics areas need a correct overview of the current status of goods, which helps to keep administrative and maintenance costs under control.

In the retail world, the operations taking place in the warehouse form a significant part of the operations in the supply chain or one part of it. This is why in retail a great deal of attention is paid to the planning, development and rationalisation of the operations of stock management.

Stocktaking by Viking Security AS is carried out using innovative technology. The program allows the addition of criteria and units according to the client’s needs and range of products. It is possible to take stock with the address of the client’s warehouse, which simplifies the comparison of the data about the inventory and guarantees the client the correct state of inventory for further analyses.

Stocktaking provides an overview of the inventory and enables the possibility to:

  • ensure best use the entire storage area
  • plan inventory and equipment
  • streamline processes

Stocktaking for retail shops

The right goods at the right time at the right place and at the right price ensure success for a merchant. Stocktaking gives reliable information about the current status of goods, which simplifies the daily operations of retail shops.

Systematic and high-quality stocktaking offers better information about the sale of goods and products and allows you to optimally select products for the shelves of your shop.

Identifying the flow of goods, shortages and finding out the reasons for them creates a sense of security in your future business activities.

For retail shops, an important part of creating a competitive advantage is effective inventory management.

Stocktaking by Viking Security is

  • Objective – the stocktaking is carried out by independent persons and they carry out ‘blind counting’, meaning that the stocktakers do not have information about the expected amount of goods.
  • Fast – we have a skilled team and use innovative technology, and our aim is to take stock without disrupting the client’s business processes.
  • Individual – stocktaking is done according to the client’s needs. It is possible to divide stocktaking into sections by product group, display information in several different fields and formats in the result file.

Hiring stocktakers

We are ready to rent out our employees on a project-by-project basis in exceptional cases, if the client's own employees are not sufficient for the stocktaking.

In addition, we are ready to provide assistance in other support tasks, if there is a need for more personnel resource within a short period of time.

We have helped with various common support tasks in the commercial sector:

  • assembly, packing
  • putting products on shelves
  • installing stickers

How can we help?

Watch a video about how the stocktaking service works

Do you provide the service everywhere in Estonia?

We provide the service everywhere in Estonia. We have two main teams – in Tallinn and in Tartu – and we will soon have a team in Pärnu to offer the service in every corner of Estonia more quickly.

How is the service priced?

Based on the client’s field of activity and wishes, either on the basis of work hours €/h or on the basis of the quantitative balance of the goods to be counted – based on the units of goods counted during the stocktaking €/pc.

What prerequisites must be met to order the service?

a) Assets to be counted have codes and are labelled accordinglyb) It is possible to make an extract from the original data of the assets, which would reflect information in at least three fields: product code, name, unitc) The areas for stocktaking have been prepared and made accessible

How quickly can you take stock for a new client?

Depending on the size of the site and the specifics of the POS program, it is good to take into account a preparation period of at least 30 working days for setting up the program. Time should also be set aside to perform a trial stocktaking based on a sample of the original data before the real stocktaking.


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