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The work is performed in the evening and at night (usually from 20:00 to 06:00) mostly in retail shops such as Selver, Maksimarket, Konsum, Prisma, Kaubamaja, etc.

The working hours depend on the time suitable for the stocktaker and also on the location and size of the shop. Stocktakers can choose the shops they will work in from the schedule, undergo short training before starting work, and more thorough skills are acquired on the spot while doing the paid work.

The work of a stocktaker is a great opportunity to earn a little extra in addition to your main job or after school according to a workload that suits you.

We pay salaries twice a week.

Who could be a stocktaker?

  • Pupils and students
  • Additional work on the side
  • Active retired people who are not afraid of night work

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