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Secure shopping experience with intelligent security

Viking Security provides security services to retail clients, which include smaller shops, supermarkets, retail chains, shopping centres as well as to the property owners of these buildings. By combining our expertise with the latest technologies, we offer our clients real-time control over their entire business.

The solution is created according to the needs of each individual client. For example, a 24/7 video-enabled analytics solution to detect gatherings of people in parking lots during the day or night, abandoned objects, violent actions, setting fire to waste bins.


  • Theft
  • Gatherings of people
  • Unknown abandoned objects
  • Fires


Together we will find the best security solution for you.


Risk analysis and information gathering

Information is obtained from a meeting with the client and the call for tenderers document. Initial assessment and offer.


Detailed offer

Specifying the needs in cooperation with the client. Summary of the revised offer and its presentation.



Confirmation of the final security solution. Implementation of the security solution will follow during the transition period.



Making continuous security proposals, security monitoring.

Services we recommend

Manned guarding

The task of the security guard on duty is to prevent and, if necessary, deal with emergencies. The guard also has a representative role, assisting visitors and staff.

The main contact person for the client is a security officer with extensive experience, who in addition to arranging the security service, also assists the client with other security-related issues.

Electronic security with video support

The signals of the security system and the video image of the video surveillance system are connected to the control centre. When an alarm signal is received, the video image transmitted to the control centre is checked and, if necessary, a patrol unit is sent to the site.

The signals from the security system and the video image from the video surveillance system are connected to Viking Security’s service and control centre. When Viking Security’s service and control centre receives an alarm, they immediately check the video image transmitted from the site. If the cause of the alarm cannot be identified from the video or if a suspicious or dangerous situation is detected at the site, the nearest patrol unit will be sent to determine the cause of the alarm and, if necessary, take the object under their own guard. The site’s contact persons and, in case of an emergency, the police and the Rescue Board are informed.


Stocktaking is not just a tedious obligation arising from the law on accounting entities. If it is done systematically and purposefully, the company can use the collected information to check the correctness of the records kept in the warehouse management or accounting software, as well as make production and business processes more efficient.

To ensure that all units of the company have confidence that the financial statements and the information about assets and inventories in the program is correct, it is extremely important that stocktaking is done with high quality, optimal use of time and in the required period. Viking Security AS started offering a stocktaking service in 2015 and has set itself the goal of ensuring a service that meets these conditions. We want to be a flexible and reliable partner that can save the time and resources of the client’s employees so that they can focus on their main tasks.

The stocktaking service consists of:

  • Preparation Identifying needs and opportunities
  • Organisation Explaining the characteristics and the requirements of the site to the stocktakers, transport, schedule, etc
  • Stocktaking on the site First the managers arrive, then the stocktakers in one or more shifts
  • Results Recording and transfer, follow-up and feedback


We provide safe transport of cash and valuables within the borders of Estonia with new armoured vehicles equipped with modern security solutions and with CIT vehicles equipped with security cases. All transport of cash and valuables carried out by us is insured according to the required standards.

Our main clients are large and well-known companies such as Swedbank, Selver, Kaubamaja, Euronics, Coop, etc. Our cash-in-transit network covers Estonia – from Tallinn to Võru and from Saaremaa to Narva – and the transport is done around the clock.

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