Action on every floor

For the training exercises, the first floor of Tasku, from the main door to the first clothing stores, was closed with warning tape. In addition, the escalator leading to the second floor was closed. Many visitors watched the events from the second floor and from behind the tape on the first floor.

The first staged incident took place at the escalator: a girl had her hair stuck in the escalator. Within about ten minutes, an ambulance arrived on the scene to give first aid to the victim.

There is a simple reason why it took the ambulance so long to get there: they could only use the emergency warning lights near the centre. The same was true for the other operational services.

‘We are not allowed to drive with the alarm and lights as part of an exercise. A certain degree of safety must be maintained. That is why it took so long for the units to get here. Everyone came from different units and the calls were also given at different times,’ said Mikk Salumets, who led the exercise from the police side.

To make the situation more complicated, according to the scenario, a few moments after the first accident, armed men entered the building: one had a knife and another an automatic weapon. While the criminal with the knife injured customers at the KFC fast-food restaurant, the criminal with the firearm made his way to the old cinema rooms on the third floor of Tasku while shooting.

Once again, we should note that all these events were staged.

The policemen who arrived at the centre neutralised the criminal who had the knife with the help of a service dog. In addition to the victims, the scenario included people who interfered with the work of the emergency medical services and the police.

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