Inventory of retail stores

One important part of creating competitive advantage in retail trade is effective management of inventories. As known success for the merchant is ensured by proper goods at the right time and right place. The certain information on the current state of goods/products simplifies the everyday activities of retail stores. The communication with suppliers and cooperation partners is fast and easy. The better information on the sale of goods/products enables to make more optimum product choices for own shopboards. The establishing of goods flows, deficit and specification of its cause creates feeling of security in the further business activities of the client.

The advantages of inventory service offered by Viking Security are:

  • Independent and objective – the service is rendered by independent persons who do their job honestly and present their results as these actually are.
  • Fast and understandable– fastness is guaranteed by skilful team and innovative used equipment. The conduct of inventory is similar and transparent.
  • Meeting the requirements – the service can be applied in many ways according to client’s needs. It is possible to take inventory of certain goods at certain time. To draw special attention to certain goods and products. To solve several earlier drawbacks having decreased the client’s economic revenue or service quality.
  • Electronic data exchange – results can be controlled with minutes and find thereby greater differences between momentary and actual stock-in- trade already in the course of stock count.

The service is rendered by experienced employees using Honeywell Dolphin 60s scanners programmed specially for inventory. The scanners decrease the number of minor human mistakes to minimum.