Video surveillance solution for the moving objects

The video solutions for moving objects prove that the camera picture could be obtained from almost everywhere. We have connected the video picture and gps-solution with each other and the total recording is carried out in the cloud enabling to get a wonderful overview of all moving stock by sitting behind the office desk and be convinced with one’s own eye what is going on there. Today Viking Security has cooperation with several different public transport companies which use the possibility of getting and recording of camera picture in their activities. The existence of cameras in public transport helps to settle various different problems of clients –starting from cash processing, checking of ticket income, client service and by terminating with optimizing the line times.

The given service can be used on many different moving objects. To install cameras to rally cars to see the picture of rally car interior with location and speed data on the map. If needed, to use cameras on the flying drones to get a picture of the heights or for monitoring the course of works on the machinery-equipment of the construction sector etc.