Cash register surveillance solutions

Viking Security provides many different cash register surveillance solutions in its list of services. The research has proven that although store thieves-pilferers are widely talked about, most of the loss has been incurred by own personnel. International statistics indicates that 75% of the internal losses, i.e. losses caused by own employees have been incurred in the cash office. By possessing usual video surveillance the owner finds it later very hard to match the cash information and video picture to prove the fraud.

The operations in cash office can be monitored with the help of the cash register surveillance solution offered by us in real time as well as later in the archive. The matched video picture and cheque information enable to simply analyze the operations performed by the cashier, including possible “suspicious” activities such as returns of the products, cash register openings, sale with fringe benefit, cheque corrections etc. It is also possible to establish frauds of the clients (e.g. card frauds).


  • To increase sales: decreases goods loss which hinders the maximizing of income!
  • To simplify work: cash register surveillance decreases drastically the worktime spent by internal control for comparing the suspicious events in separate video surveillance and cash system.
  • To hedge the security risk: to secure the control and overview in the cash office and on sales areas. The knowing of the cashiers that they are monitored through cash register surveillance disciplines them considerably and this functions as a preventive measure against frauds and thefts.

By connecting the cash surveillance means and monitoring service offered by Viking Security – we are able to offer high quality and versatile surveillance service to our clients. The clear picture of the operations in the cash office creates the feeling of security and helps to solve several problems.