Thefts and everyday problems are not the concern of only large-scale companies, but these occur almost everywhere. The clients of Viking Security include many different smaller companies we have cooperated with already long-term. In case of small solutions it is possible to find an option for the client’s problems personally. Be it smaller trade areas, beauty salons, shops located in the rural district or seasonal ice cream kiosks.

We hear out all wishes and try to find always the best solution for the client. It is important to solve the already occurred drawbacks of the client and at the same time prevent these also in the future. Please contact us. We believe we can help you!

“SILM” webcam for private client

“SILM” webcam is a service which helps to keep an eye on everything you care about. The given service has been created for everyone for daily use, just connecting the camera and smart phone with each other. The camera requires no adjusting and no contract is necessary for using the service. We use high quality cameras of the Swedish manufacturer Axis Communications AB and the price of the service is affordable for everyone – you pay for the service when using it!

  • Live image fast to the phone – the fastest and most favourable method to get an image from anywhere
  • No binding contract – you pay for the service when using it
  • No installation costs – connect only two wires and done
  • Installation with minutes – fast, simple and understandable installation
  • Watch afterwards – all material is recorded for 30 days
  • The service works with fixed connection as well as with 3G
  • One camera can have maximum up to 3 users

The “SILM” set includes specially programmed IP camera starting the transmission of image to mobile after connecting router and power network without additional adjustments. Live image and the archive of the last 30 days can be seen directly through one’s smart phone app.

Webcam for small company

Webcam for small company is a favourable and simple solution for the company to solve everyday problems. High quality image directly to your computer which can be watched 30 days afterwards. The image can be seen when entering the environment secured with unique username and password on Viking Security website. Live image can be simultaneously followed by up to 4 free users. Webcam for small company is suitable in the following places:

  • Cafes
  • Beauty and hairdresser salons
  • Small shops and service areas
  • Service areas located in the shopping centres
  • Kiosks
  • Apartments and private houses etc

Webcam for small company is something more than just a security camera. In addition to establishing, prevention and avoidance of thefts, the product can be used as follows:

  • Enables to be convinced in the correctness of alarm
  • Application, conduct and control of service process
  • Activities in the cash office
  • Disciplining of employees
  • Improve the service quality
  • Settle the pretensions of clients
  • Enables to be convinced that everything is fine at home