Video analysis service

This service is used to analyze the already performed activities on the guarded object of the client. Our capable employees conduct the analysis who can find a solution through their experience for almost all problems/situations.

The video analysis service is of great help in establishing thefts afterwards with the aim to prevent and avoid thefts in the future. It enables to analyze the activities of employees in the problematic situations and is also of great help in settling the complaints and improvement of client service process.

Surveillance service

LIVE SURVEILLANCE SERVICE – our experienced video operators constantly monitor what is going on the object guarded, used mainly in the trade sector where the direct number of thefts is high. In case of live surveillance service it is exactly known what is going on the object at the moment. It enables to intervene immediately and thereby prevent thefts of client’s goods/property and violations.

RANDOM SURVEILLANCE SERVICE – the service previously agreed with the client where surveillance is rendered at fixed times, the certain product or person is monitored. Random surveillance service enables to solve the client’s problems and drawbacks immediately or afterwards.

ALARM-BASED SURVEILLANCE SERVICE –the surveillance is carried out only in case of alarm. In case of alarm the signal or camera turns on and gives an immediate image of the situation on site. The control centre assesses the situation and acts relevantly. Different solutions in the face of security gates and access systems.