Security manager and trainer

Juhan, security manager and trainer, length of employment 6 years
Juhan, security manager and trainer, length of employment 6 years

My story

In 2009 I commenced work as a security employee. In 2011-2013 I acquired new knowledge-skills and valuable experience in the prison service and also graduated from the Academy of Security Sciences at that time. I still started to long for former colleagues in Viking and returned as a shift manager. When the company expanded I became a security manager.

These are foremost people who make each collective body positive and successful. We have many different people, each of them adds its experience and character to security team – one colleague instils optimism, the other makes the atmosphere livelier etc. I consider it important that regardless of the growth of the company pleasant straightforwardness and friendly and caring attitude has preserved. Viking Security surely stands out with the considerable contribution to the quality of security service.

I am organizing security tactics trainings, practical courses and studies in Viking Security. My task is the regular training of security employees, finding new employees and organizing their hiring and solving all possible current problems.

The job of security manager is therefore exciting and multifaceted that every day can bring along unexpected problems and tasks in different way. I like to teach people, as I myself also discover in the course of it how to better organize the training, I also learn more about our employees to ensure flexible cooperation.

The most humorous story happened when I invited one young man applying for the job of security employee to the job interview. We agreed that we will meet near the lifts in the centre of Kaubamaja. I went there at the time agreed. When arriving to the lifts the young man looked at me and stepped boldly towards me. I moved towards him and stretched out a hand to greet him: “Hi, I am Juhan from Viking Security”. He also greeted politely me and told his first name. We went to the meeting room and I noticed that the guy is somehow taciturn and pale-faced. Probably he was slightly nervous. Regardless of the latter I described security work for a while, thereafter asked about his former work experience as well as current activities. My interlocutor thought long and finally asked modestly: “ Sorry, but.. why am I here?” I asked surprisingly whether he was not going to apply for the job of security employee. He was mumbling: “No, I have a job… During the further “job interview” it occurred that I had taken along random client (accidentally with the same first name as the person expected) who had planned to go home after purchases. The client thought that he was detained due to the some suspicion of misdemeanour by a harsh but very polite security employee, thus he as the decent citizen considered it reasonable to be apt to cooperation and ask as few “silly” questions as possible. Thus, the “detained” was lead back to the 1 st floor and I started to look for the person having rally come to the job interview.