Video operator of video surveillance centre

Tiina, video operator, length of employment 6,5 years
Tiina, video operator, length of employment 6,5 years

My story

An acquaintant suggested me to the personnel department. In October 2010 I commenced work in the company as a video operator.

Compared to other security companies we have more up-to- date equipment and really functioning motivation system. Also, one should never be concerned in case of this company whether salary is paid in time.

My job lies in monitoring of objects guarded through video surveillance. In cooperation with the security employees staying on the object I guarantee the prevention of offences. I like that my job is never monotonous and requires proficiency.

First I recall how great my job actually is. It is surprising for me that I have been somehow able to be the video operator with the highest number of offenders discovered as to five consecutive years.